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Tuesday 30 December 2003
18:15:00 (GMT +01,00)

Not really a strip... Just so you know I'll start Chaos Control again... But well... It won't be Chaos Control... It'll be Chaos CTRL... Not a real change since I already made it while uploading the 4th strip... But for me, it's important... So, Chaos Control'll always be here for the one who want to see it...

So, what about Chaos CTRL? The story'll be pretty much the same but not with the same characters... The adress'll be http://chaosctrl.keenspace.com and here is a wallpaper of the new logo (if never I remember how I did it :p) 800x600 and 1024x768...

The only bad point is that Keenspace don't support PHP so only one language but I guess it'll be quicker this way...

So, wait a little and Chaos CTRL'll be ready for you ^^

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